About TLTT

The Legend of the Traveling Tardis is the Internet’s #1 source of news, interviews and up-to-date discussion about one of popular culture’s most enduring and endeared television shows, the BBC’s Doctor Who.​

Hosted by Radio personality Christian Basel and his team of fans, artists, writers and pop culture icons in their own rite, the Legend of the Traveling Tardis Radio Show is full of insights, and observations that any fan can enjoy!

Now, this icon travels beside radio talk show veteran Christian Basel, as he makes his way throughout the country from convention hall to convention floor, from panel room and discussion group and over the world wide web into the homes of thousands, bringing social media the latest news from beyond the “Whoniverse.” This tiny icon of Science Fiction culture, with its jovial and quick witted companion bring joy and fun to any venue, as they make their way across the pop culture landscape one photo-op at a time. Often seen beside such entertainment icons as the Hangin With Web Show, Gallifrey Stands or other staples of convention life, the Traveling Tardis has been photographed with artists, comic creators, actors, cosplayers, film makers, writers and celebrities as well as convention goers and thrill seekers all clamoring to become a part of the Legend of the Traveling Tardis.

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