The Doctor’s “Ace” in the Hole…..

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Hello listeners of The Legend of Traveling Tardis, we sort of have an “Ace” up our sleeves with this story.  It seems that a certain “Companion” has jotted down her advantages with the “13th Doctor” and it is not what you think.

Doctor Who: “At Childhood’s End” is a new book written by, former 7th Doctor’s companion, “Sophie Aldred”; out February 6th, 2020 as a hardback novel.  It will also be available as an audio-book in CD and digital download forms on the same day as the book publication, narrated by Sophie Aldred.

The story follows Ace as she meets the 13th Doctor after having nightmarish dreams and young runaways disappearing all because of a monster lurking in the London Shadows?  What will she find when she investigates these disappearances with and old friend?  So join Ace, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz; along with the Doctor as they solve this mystery just like old times.

Being her first novel Sophie had this to say:

“I was thrilled and honoured to have been asked to create this
opportunity for the Thirteenth Doctor and Ace to meet each other.  I had always hoped to be able to offer
classic fans an encounter between Ace and a current Doctor in some form or
other and I hope fans of the present team will enjoy the blending of two eras
of the most amazing programme in the universe.”

If you like to own your own copy; Click the link below:

From all of us here at The Legend of The Traveling Tardis,
we are going to pick up a copy and would like to congratulated Sophie Aldred on
her wonderful book.

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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