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Hello listeners of The Legend of Traveling Tardis, ever
wonder what happens when you keep things buried?  Does it turn into rage or worse “Fury
from the Deep”
; fury so deep that it will take a Doctor to solve this

Coming in 2020, with tentacles monsters, to the world of Doctor Who is the missing episode of the completely missing sixth serial of the Second Doctor’s run on BBC.

None of the six episodes of this serial is known to exist in
full or known to have survived in the BBC Archives as the master videotapes for
the story were the final 1960s Doctor Who episodes to be junked.  A few seconds of the start of episode 1,
where the TARDIS is descending vertically as it lands on the sea, survived due
to it being used a year later in episode 10 of The War Games.

So without further ado here is the Japanese Anime looking
teaser trailer for Doctor Who “Fury from the Deep”; Enjoy……

What did you think? From all of us here at The Legend of The
Traveling Tardis we cannot wait to get our tickets to see this Fury from the Deep jump out at us on
the big screen.

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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