A Legend of Time & Space has passed into the nexus of life

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Hello listeners of The Legend of Traveling Tardis; today we have some sad news to report as beloved writer and author Terrance Dicks has passed away at the age of 84.

Many fans know Terrance Dicks from his many scripts of Doctor Who and wonderful children’s books; while working on other projects throughout his career.  In a quote by The Doctor Who News Page he is described as a “Arguably the most prolific contributor to Doctor Who”.  His big break into television came from his friend “Malcolm Hulke”.  Hulke asked him help with scripting  “The Mauritius Penny”, an episode of the second series of ABC action-adventure The Avengers, for which Dicks was awarded a co-writer’s credit.  Dicks is also credited for his works on the ATV soap opera “Crossroads” as well as co-creator and writer for BBC’s short lived 1973 science-fiction TV series “Moonbase 3”.  He also wrote for the 1976 ATV science-fiction series “Space: 1999”.

Dicks was hired as assistant script editor on the popular
BBC science-fiction TV series Doctor Who. 
That following year Dicks was appointed to head script editor which earned
his first writing credit on the show. 
This lead to Dicks and Hulke co-writing  the 10-part serial The War Games; which was
the conclusion the series’ sixth season and the Second Doctor’s (Patrick
Troughton) run. After stepping down as script editor he continued his
association the series in writing four scripts for his successor, Robert
Holmes.  The scripts he penned were 1975’s
 “Robot” which was Tom Baker’s first
outing as the Fourth Doctor, 1976’s  “The
Brain of Morbius”
for which he was credited under the pseudonym “Robin
(after his displeasure at Holmes’ re-writes prompted him to
request that it be shown under some bland pseudonym), 1977’s “Horror
of Fang Rock”
and 1980’s “State of Decay”.

During his run on Doctor Who, Dicks embarked on a parallel career as an author with the publication of his first book:  “The Making of Doctor Who” (a history of the production of the TV series); which was co-written by Hulke.  He also contributed heavily to “Target Books’” a series of the Doctor Who TV serials in novelizing more than 60 of the titles published by the company.  Some of his other works include 1978’s “The Baker Street Irregulars”, 1981’s “Cry Vampire”, and 1987’s “T. R. Bear”.

Dicks is survived by his wife Elsa and their three sons; Stephen,
Jonathan and Oliver.

From all of us here at The Legend of The Traveling Tardis we
send out condolences and well wishes to his family; and friends.  

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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