A Doctor’s deal with “Big Finish”

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Hello listeners of The Legend of Traveling Tardis, it seems that ”Big Finish” is working on overdrive with all new audio dramas for its wonderful fans.

Big Finish is set to release many new and old titles including the Sixth Doctor’s Big Finish run, now on sale for this weekend, plus a return to where it all began. Use code “COLIN” to access the sale on the Sixth Doctor’s episodes. The discount expires at 23:59 (UK time) on September 23, 2019.

Head to page url: https://www.bigfinish.com/offers/v/sixie19 

There are a whole range of titles to choose from in this special offer:

Masters of Earth
The Rani Elite
Last of the Cybermen
Planet of the Rani
Shield of the Jotunn
Order of the Daleks
Absolute Power
Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire
Return of the Krotons
Trial of the Valeyard
The Last Adventure

From all of us here at The Legend of The Traveling Tardis, please make sure to pick up your copies before they are all gone.  Plus check out their other lines including books and podcasts.


By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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